The right-wing populist FPÖ, however, had to accept landslide-like losses.

The right-wing populist FPÖ, however, had to accept landslide-like losses.

It’s not about the YouTuber or the CDU, but about homeopathy. Central message: The effect of homeopathic products does not “” go beyond the placebo effect “” – a statement that the homeopathy company Hevert wanted to forbid the doctor Natalie Grams when threatened with a “” contractual penalty of 5100 euros “” Böhmermann repeated several times in his broadcast. According to him, all purely homeopathic medicines “” work according to the three-factor principle: dilute, shake, talk shit “”. At the end of this part of his show, Böhmermann sings a gospel song about the fact that there “” is no scientific proof of its effectiveness of homeopathy “” gives and calls the “” quacks “” to sue him.

That could still be exciting. Source: “News and information at a glance. Collection of articles by on the subject of right-wing populism Three months after the parliamentary election, the conservative People’s Party (ÖVP) of Federal Chancellor Schüssel and the right-wing populist Freedom Party (FPÖ ) Coalition negotiations started. The Christian Democrats of incumbent Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende were confirmed as the strongest parliamentary group in the elections in the Netherlands.

The right-wing list Pim Fortuyn loses more than two thirds of its seats in parliament. The right-wing populist Freedom Party Austria has a new boss: Herbert Haupt, a close confidante of ex-FPÖ chairman Haider. After Venezuela and Brazil, Ecuador is now also ruled by a left-wing president. In the runoff election, the left-wing populist beat the right-wing populist. The Austrian People’s Party of Federal Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel achieved a sensational victory in the early parliamentary elections.

At 42.3 percent, it is the strongest force in parliament for the first time since 1966. The right-wing populist FPÖ, however, had to accept landslide-like losses. The alleged murderer of the Dutch right-wing populist Fortuyn has confessed. Reason for the act: The man saw in Fortuyn a “” growing danger “” for parts of society. The right-wing populist FPÖ elected Mathias Reichhold as the new party leader at its federal party conference.

He received 92 percent of the 750 votes cast. The Austrian right-wing populist Jörg Haider does not want to become chairman of the Freedom Party of Austria. After the party-internal success of the right-wing populist Haider, Austria’s Chancellor Schüssel has terminated the government coalition with his FPÖ.

All parties are now betting on new elections. Federal President Klestil is also in favor. The Austrian right-wing populist Haider used the party conference of the FPÖ for a verbal all-round blow. He called Federal Foreign Minister Fischer “” an undesirable person “”. “The eternal” “Crown Prince” “Markus Söder is now there. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) Markus Söder has been there since March 2018, when he became Prime Minister .

This Saturday he will be head of the CSU. The man who fought for his ascent with the saber now relies on “” communal unity “”. Simple unity is obviously not enough for a Söder. To call Markus Söder a determined politician would be an understatement.

Since when he has been working towards moving into the Bavarian State Chancellery, probably only he knows himself. It should be decades. He had been considered the “” Crown Prince “” since 2007 – when Söder turned forty and reached the age limit for the office of Prime Minister as set out in the Bavarian constitution. At that time Edmund Stoiber was still head of government in Bavaria. 1967: birth 1983: joined the CSU 1995-2003: state chairman of the Junge Union 1994: first entry into the Bavarian state parliament 2003-2007: CSU general secretary under Edmund Stoiber2007-2008: minister for federal and European affairs2008- 2011: Minister for Environment and Health 2011-2018: Minister for Finance, Regional Development and Homeland March 2018: Election as Prime Minister of Bavaria His ambition was never directed towards another post: that of the CSU chief. He will get it for free this Saturday at the party convention in Munich.

After Horst Seehofer announced at the end of last year that he would be relinquishing the chairmanship of the CSU, Söder was left with no choice. He had to grab it; who else should have done the job? Alexander Dobrindt, head of the CSU regional group in the Bundestag? Rather not.

Manfred Weber, the chairman of the Christian Democratic EPP group in the European Parliament? He was toying with becoming CSU chairman. But Weber is now the top candidate of the European People’s Party. After the European elections in May, he wants to become Commission President. In the end, Söder remained the only possible solution. So far, Söder has given himself a new image in every new office.

As European minister in Günther Beckstein’s cabinet, he described himself as “” Bavarian Foreign Minister “”, and as Environment Minister under Seehofer he made his department the “” Ministry of Life “”. After he became finance minister, he toured Bavaria to hand over funding notices – and to make contacts on the side. The CSU chairmanship does not trigger any further image change at Söder. At the meeting of the parliamentary group in the Banz monastery on Thursday, he announced that the CSU would “” proceed constructively and positively and show a profile with style “”.

He’s been talking like that for some time. It always seems a little ironic when Söder says something like that. As finance minister he made a remarkable appearance in the Bavarian TV soap “” Dahoam is Dahoam “”.

He played himself and was allowed to give a detailed lecture on what he was doing to prevent emigration from the country. That was the likeable Söder: “” Take it easy, I don’t bite “” was one of his first sentences. But that’s exactly what he did over and over again. He bit down, bit away from competitors. His long-time competitor in the race to succeed Seehofer, Ilse Aigner, once called him a Machiavellian.

She did not want to fight with his weapons, she told the “Augsburger Allgemeine” “in March 2016, when she had not yet given up hope. “” I’d have to be like him, I don’t want that. “” When Aigner lost the power struggle in the end, she gave an interview to “” Zeit “” magazine in which she said she “” had this game “” at some point no longer played, “” because it was too stupid for me “”. She was not ready to fight the fight “” to the very last “”. “” I should have unpacked a saber for the fight. But my weapon is the foil – it’s hard to fight a saber with it. “” Söder doesn’t seem to have taken that away from her. Aigner is now president of the state parliament, after all. He’s packed the saber long ago.

And it came like this: “” Asylum tourism must end, “” he announced on June 14th. What followed was widespread outrage.

It took a while, but after just under a month, Söder said he wouldn’t use the word anymore, it wasn’t just that one word. For years he had literally drove Seehofer in front of him in a dispute with the CDU. In October 2015 he questioned the right to asylum.

In November 2015, following the Paris attacks, he tweeted, “” #ParisAttacks is changing everything. We must not allow illegal and uncontrolled immigration “”. (A user asked whether Söder had previously been “” a fan of illegal and uncontrolled immigration “”). In January 2016, he suggested building fences on the Bavarian borders. In June 2018 he saw the CSU against the CDU “” in the final for credibility “”.

It was about the unity of the parliamentary group, about the continuation of the cooperation between the CDU and CSU, from which both Union parties have benefited greatly since the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany. Later, but earlier than others, Söder understood that the strategy of permanent attack by the CSU was of no use, but harmed her. During the election campaign, he made a radical change of course and from then on appeared to be purified. He even defended Angela Merkel. He accused the FDP politician Wolfgang Kubicki of having used “Gossenssprache” “against the Chancellor – interestingly the same name with which FDP leader Christian Lindner had spoken a few months earlier about Söder’s use of the word” asylum tourism “. To the surprise of many, including in the CSU, Söder stuck to his image change after the election campaign.

After his second election as Prime Minister on November 6, 2018, he called on the members of the Bavarian State Parliament to listen to each other better. It does not help to “” play old slogans “”. He wants to make the CSU “younger, more feminine, more open”, as he said in Seeon. At the retreat in Banz Monastery, he signaled with an original idea that in future he should be expected to be more likely in national politics.

He proposed a federalism of two speeds and pleaded for an upgrading of the Federal Council – an initiative that Söder wants to promote together with other countries as far as possible. The CSU party congress this Saturday should also be shaped by the spirit of “” Profile with style “” . “” I hope for a signal of community unity, “” said the party chairman-designate. A Söder even drives harmony to excess – simple unity is obviously not enough for him. Even the previous CSU boss is taking part, Seehofer, who in December 2012 had certified Söder “” pathological ambition “” and the now famous “” filthiness “” and thus signaled who he considers unsuitable to be his successor. “” I’ll come, of course, and I’ll talk too, “” he said to the “Augsburger Allgemeine” in a kind of farewell interview. “”But not for long.

My work is done. I will say nothing about some of the things that have happened in the past year and a half. The unity of the party is much more important to me. “” Source: “Linda Teuteberg is the new FDP general secretary – Christian Lindner remains party chairman. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) The new general secretary Linda Teuteberg receives a result at the FDP party conference , which is significantly higher than that of Christian Lindner.

The election should not be a signal to women and the East. Strategically, however, it fits well into the concept: Linda Teuteberg, member of the Bundestag from Brandenburg, has been elected as the new General Secretary of the FDP. The 38-year-old received 92.8 percent of the vote at the Liberal Party conference in Berlin. Her application speech had repeatedly been interrupted by strong applause – perhaps more applause than the thoroughly good, but not stirring speech justified. Teuteberg was apparently not only elected because FDP leader Christian Lindner had proposed her, but because many delegates were convinced of her. Teuteberg said in her speech that when she joined the FDP around twenty years ago, it was “” at that time East Brandenburg was not a “” mass movement. “” But it was one of the best decisions of my life. “” You often had to justify yourself for being in the FDP, “” and probably some here in the hall have had very similar experiences “”, also in regions in West Germany. Lindner , who had recently been re-elected as party leader with just under 87 percent, had emphasized in his speech that this personnel is not about region or gender.

As a migration policy spokeswoman, Teuteberg had shown that the FDP also had a middle position on this issue. Nevertheless, the election of a woman from the east of the FDP should also fit strategically well into the concept: There are three state elections in Brandenburg, Thuringia and Saxony in autumn. At the party congress itself, the low proportion of women of barely more than 21 percent in the FDP is an issue . Concepts such as quotas or quorums, which are common in other parties, are also defended against by the liberals among women. In the debate are now target agreements “” to make women more visible “”, as Lindner said. Predecessor Nicola Beer will run as the top candidate of the FDP in the European elections. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa) That she is a woman and from the Coming east of the republic is “” a natural reality, “said Teuteberg.

She advocated using terms such as “” feminism “” and “” home “” liberally and cosmopolitan and not leaving them to political opponents. Without expressly saying so, she was clearly promoting “” FDP pure “”. There are advisors who told the FDP that it should become more like the Greens, who are doing so well in the polls, or like the CDU, which is practically always in power. In the past, the SPD had also been recommended as a role model for the FDP, but that has subsided. “But none of these advisors have understood the essence of political liberalism.” “With an indirect swipe at Chancellor Angela Merkel, Teuteberg said that Germany does not need asymmetrical demobilization. “We need a mobilization for our liberal constitution, for our liberal life plan.” “Teuteberg clearly opposed the move by the Left Party to set up a committee of inquiry into the Treuhandanstalt. At the same time, she said that the structural change in the East was more of a “structural shock”.

Nevertheless, the East has its own strengths. “And we should make them the topic and strengthen them.” “There was also a bit of pathos in her speech: Teuteberg remembered the liberal Arno Esch, who was arrested in the Soviet occupation zone in 1949 and executed two years later in Moscow. Esch said: “” We know that liberalism can be a cornerstone of the future if we want it, and that it will be because we want it. “” Teuteberg has been a member of the Bundestag since 2017. From 2009 to 2014 she sat in the Brandenburg state parliament, and has been a member of the federal executive committee since 2011. Your local newspaper, the “” Märkische Allgemeine “”, recently recalled that Teuteberg was quite controversial as a member of the state parliament, but when it appeared in the talksow “Absolute Majority” by Stefan Raab in 2013, the audience was clearly convinced: it cut with 40 percent approval at that time best from. She clearly topped this result at the party congress in Berlin. Source: “The photo was taken in a school in Kiel.

A nationwide mask requirement has so far only existed in secondary schools in North Rhine-Westphalia. (Photo: dpa) In the Corona crisis, education policy follows the principle of hope, criticizes Udo Beckmann, chairman of the teachers’ union VBE. This is not the first time that politicians have aroused expectations that cannot be implemented with the existing resources of the One hears from teachers that the schools receive little support from the school administrations. Is that a coincidental impression or can you confirm that? Udo Beckmann is the federal chairman of the Association for Education and Upbringing (VBE), which organizes 164,000 teachers and pedagogical specialists as a union.